How Hollywood softened us up for NSA surveillance

Hollywood Honors Elmo Puppeteer (and Accused Child Sex-Abuser) With Three Emmy Awards

Perhaps it is because “precrime”, a sci-fi concept of some vintage, is now real. Hollywood has been softening us up for this for years now, accustoming us to the notion that our spending habits, our location, our every movement and conversation, are visible to others whose motives we cannot know. The NSA (unofficial motto: “Nobody Say Anything”) and Hollywood (unofficial motto: “Nobody Knows Anything”) have been feeling each other up at arm’s length for decades, but after 9/11 era the romance became official, and surveillance -based entertainment, from 24 to Alias, from Spooks to Big Brother to Person of Interest, went global.
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John Patterson

AP reported it , and recycled the claim: “Clash’s lawyer has said that related lawsuits filed against the entertainer are without merit.” They quoted no one attacking the Emmy voters or Clash for their lack of morality. Clash shared trophies for outstanding pre-school children’s series and directing in a children’s series with a “Sesame Street” team. One might try to argue that it’s unfair to punish the other puppeteers for Clash’s behavior, but the Emmy voters singled him out for glory and honor. Clash in facing three lawsuits that accuse him of luring underage boys into sexual relationships (through Internet chat rooms), plying them with money, gifts and even drugs and alcohol.
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